Club Penguin – Secrets and Codes are revealed

The Penguin Party is the current and last party of Club Penguin. It will begin on February 1, 2017 and end on March 29, 2017. During it, all penguins can answer questions about the island to win items, flip the iceberg and meet various pets.

TP is a puffle trainer from Club Penguin Island. She is an Elite Agent and had her first appearance in the 2008 Club Penguin videogame: Elite Penguin Force. In the game itself, it appeared for the first time in a matter of Club Penguin News, newspaper in which from time to time owns its own column. At the 2012 Puffles Party, he visited the island and distributed his autograph for the first time, gaining more space since then.

Aunt Arctic is one of the Club Penguin mascots. She is known mainly for her participation in the newspaper Club Penguin News, where she has been a columnist since 2006 and became the editor-in-chief in 2008. She writes the weekly column “Ask Aunt Arctic” where every week answers two selected questions, which are Sent by other penguins.

we reveal the secrets and codes to each player of the Club Penguin to help you play more fun and variety. You can not even imagine what it is all about Club Penguin is still exploring unresolved puzzles and secrets. There is a special way to get club penguin codes for puffles which is as easy as entering codes on the game. Here is A small part of it, which certainly encourages you to look for further secrets. This site will always be expanded, so check it out. And now have fun, You are now classmates of first class. Codes for the release of various items and thousands of coins are at the bottom of the Page. Whether member or non-member, everyone can use the codes.

The colors of the sky change as water or fire

Put your fireballs (and only these, no other clothes), as there are: fire bombshell, firebomb, firebomb and fire helmet. Then let your penguin “dance”. He will stretch the flippers laterally and there will be flames from the fins. Fights from three fireplaces at the iceberg, in the city and at the beach. The more fire teams do, the more they can “burn” the sky.

And now look at the sky in the picture.

The same works as water-ninja. Here you can storm and rain. Put your water jacuzzles on (and only these, no other clothes), as are: water jogging, water jogging, water jogging mask, and watering helmet. Then let your penguin “dance”. He will move the fins in the circle and create a blue vortex. Folds off three waterfalls in the iceberg, in the city and on the beach. The more water in the area, the more the sky will storm and rain.

And now look at the sky in the picture.

The water and fire teams can fight against each other. Up in the pictures you can see clearly which ninjas are fighting. The more of a Ninjasorte are present, the more heavily the sky will change.

Codes for all players, whether member or not:

DECNLR10 ——- 500 coins
MMCODE13 ——- 2500 coins
TOHETHER ——- 500 coins
BIGWHITE ——- 500 coins
SHRIMP64 ——- 500 coins
JUNNLR11 ——- 500 coins
D23EXP11 ——- green jacket
MMCODE11 ——- 500 coins
J6YELLOW ——- 500 coins
HADDOCK7 ——- 500 coins
ARCTIC20 ——- 500 coins
DRILLOFF ——- 500 coins
EPFRULES ——- 500 coins
REDBEARS ——- 500 coins

MMCODE12 ——- Jacket with guitar front on it
NETWORK ——– a gray pinguin laptop
HAPPYCNY ——– a purple dragon costume
FILMSTAR ——– a popcorn bag
FREEHOOD ——- Purple lumberjack jacket
PUMPKIN1 ——- Pumpkin head mask
MASQUE01 ——- Superheldenmaske and 500 coins
BARONFEL ——– Star Wars X-Fighter Pilot Costume
XMASPRES ——– Gift pack for the igloo
BEARS418 ——– 10 goldfish ponds and 10 mossed branches
BEFROZEN ——– Snowflake costume

BFB8GQ88L —— This is the code for 4 special free things at once. 1x an electric guitar, 1x a CP cap, 1 x an MP3 player and 1x an item to choose from the treasure book. So if you enter it first, you get these FOUR things free of charge. All other people who enter the code are unfortunately empty. So be fast and always look again, there will be in the future from time to time such a code. Fauli wishes you a lot of fun while playing

Resident Evil 7 V R terrified Test

After Resident Evil 6 it was clear that Capcom must pull the emergency brake and put a complete reboot to save his successful horror series. The fans demanded the return to old virtues, but at the same time more innovation and demand. Are these wishes fulfilled by Resident Evil 7? Let’s put it this way: RE7 is definitely different than its predecessors and yet it feels familiar.

Capcom has drummed up in the run-up to the release, organized big press events and increased our expectations with a terrific demo to immeasurable. With such an important release, nothing would be left to chance, so marketing technology was fired from all tubes. You’ve probably seen tons of articles and videos on the game, so I do not need to explain the story and the basics.


In a nutshell:

Resi 7 is about Ethan Winters, whose wife Mia disappears without a trace. After years of uncertainty, he suddenly receives a vital sign from her. Is she real or does anyone have a bad joke? Is she OK? Why did not she report earlier? Ethan immediately sets off for Louisiana to get to the bottom of these questions. The search begins on a descended property, which, like its inhabitants, serves all horror stereotypes. Mia is held by a crashed Hillbilly clan and obviously she is not the only victim.

Terribly nice family:

Family Baker could have sprung up movies like House of 1000 Corpses, Texas Chainsaw Massacre or The Hills have Eyes. The neglected psychos are extremely brutal and merciless. Even the typical Trump voter has a highly cultured and rational comparison. However, it soon becomes clear that we are dealing not only with insanity or incest, because the Bakers seem almost indestructible. Do we have to do with a pervasive phenomenon or even with the effects of the notorious T-virus? I could now ignore illogical details and lost potential, but I only tell myself that the story left me rather unsatisfied.

It is nevertheless terribly beautiful, with a queasy feeling in the belly and many question marks in the head, sneaking through the dull madhouse. At the very least, this is the case for the first few hours, which have a much more exciting and taut structure than the rest. You can feel like the outlast or the alien: isolation remembers and that is not just the ego perspective owed. Behind every corner evil could lurk and reminds us of the game constantly with more or less subtle methods. Shadows scurrying past the background, doors closing as if by magic, or just a strange sound. Apropos: The oppressive sound scenery is the madness and ensures above all with surround system for extreme goose bumps.

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Best way to Merge units in Brave Frontier

Merging units is a key Brave Frontier skills to strengthen your units. Although the concept of merging units is simple, do it effectively requires planning. Here we’ll show you strategies for the best way to merge units Brave Frontier.

In Brave Frontier, one of the ways to improve and make stronger your units it is through the merger. The merger involves one or more units together to form a stronger unit, so the unit receiving the merger “absorbs” the experience and strength of the units are merged. But the merging units can become very expensive so you have to manage well your Zel and your units to merge the right and at the right time units.

The cost to merge units will increase as the base unit you want to improve you have a higher level so that units with a level 30 or 40 will be more expensive to merge that units with a level 1 or 10. The cost of the merger calculated as follows:

Melting cost (Level +1 base unit) * Number of units to merge * 100

For example, the cost of merging a unit of level 28 with a single unit would be 2,900 Zel. [(28 base unit experience) + 1] * 1 (only one unit merged) * 100 = 2,900.

Bonus merge units of the same element

When you merge units can earn a 50% additional experience if you use units of the same element. For example, if you only select units for your fusion fire, it is possible to get 50% more experience.
Bono successful fusion

There is a bonus “successful fusion” which is earned based on pure luck. There are 2 types of bonds for the success of the merger:

  • Great success (Great Success). This bonus grants 50% additional experience.
  • Super success (Super Sucess). This bonus gives 100% additional experience.

Tip: Technical melting metal gods pump. This technique is perfect for units that just evolve and have a low level. The technique is to get five gods of metal (metal gods) and merge all while using the unit you want to improve and low level as the base unit. By merging five gods of metal with a level unit 1 you will save much Zel and the level of your unit will increase greatly.

The best way to acquire the best units to use as melt material is through Parades Metal. To access the parade will need a metal key metal that can get in the Administration Office “Imperial Capital Randall”. Once you get the key, go to the Vortex Metal door and access the Parade. Once inside the metal parade, you will need 15 power units to enter the mission so make sure you have enough energy if you do not want to spend gems to renew your energy. Once you enter the parade metal you have 1 hour to complete the mission whenever you want while you have the energy.

In the Metal Parade you can get 3 different types of units:

  • Metal Ghost = 1,506 experience
  • Metal King = 16,518 experience
  • Metal God = 51.518 experience

This fusion method is very effective when you have a base unit and several mid-level low-level units to use as fusion material. In general, if you select the base unit mid-level and you merge with low-level units will cost much Zel and earn very little experience.  You could even use our Brave Frontier Hack Tool to add any number of resources to your game. The merger between units of a similar level is very effective when you fuse 5 units of low level in a unit that later will use as fusion material.

With the method of the merger between units of a similar level you will lose about 45% experience when using the “improved” units to merge with the base unit but only cost a quarter or a fifth of what you would have had to pay by direct fusion.

We recommend you do not use this method using metal units (ghosts, kings or gods).

Guide to Get Gold Quickly in Mobile Strike


Mobile Strike is a tactical massive games is generating more interest lately. It will probably look at your violet propaganda campaign starring the iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the wake of Clash of Clans Clash or Royale, Mobile Strike proposes a similar game mechanics however located in a much more innovative and current war scenario. Today we speak some keys and tricks to be the best in this engaging game.

The way to play Mobile Strike is quite simple if you already have expertise in this type of strategy games. As a general rule we have to worry about and build buildings, train your soldiers or investigate new ways to attack the enemy.

As in other games of this genre Tactical Mobile Strike secret lies in being able to develop more and more prepared and better facilities that allow us to get into better resources and thus invent your army a formidable block to your enemies. One of the most interesting details is that there is no limit to when developing buildings, so a good tip is to build all the facilities that we can. Another of the best tips (suggestions) that I can give is that we focus on the main missions to acquire lucrative prizes in the shortest time probable and invest in the infrastructure of your base.

The Best offense is Good defense

When generate enough resources begin to call the attention of your enemies, who want to seize your wealth at any price. However the best of this game is attacking your enemies can also steal their resources. Likely to be best prepared for attack your enemies, it is best that we take the first hours of the game, where we have activated a shield that prevents attack other players (gamers) to invent a robust defenses. Another good tip is attacking players (gamers) that do not connect assiduously to Mobile Strike and consequently you have neglected their bases, allowing us to enter their resources, few are in a simpler way.

Improving the qualities of commander

This is one of the most significant parts of Mobile Strike, all we can increase the level of your commander. Whenever your commander increases your level, we can get more resources that will allow us to use new qualities in combat.


Resource Management and gold

Gold and VIP points are other keys Mobile Strike, accessing them can have many more resources in less time. The best way to earn more gold is to use the Mobile Strike Unlimited Gold Hack with alliances will get 500 gold coins just for the sake to join his crusade. By joining one of these alliances you can enter more missions, in addition we will benefit from purchases of other members of the clan with instant prizes. Boxes of supplies also give us money, and this can get calling these boxes also achieving VIP accelerators. On the other hand, you can enter the gold mine to give away the precious metal to your companions and simultaneously obtain meanwhile, only connect to Facebook.